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    Published by on 27 de August de 2016 at 21:00

    Daily MTN

    During the first week of August the gallery Urban Spree in Berlin opened their space to present the Brazilian artist Sosek and his expo “Interno“. The Sao Paulo born and raised Sosek roams the streets in his natural habitat painting and portraying the harsh reality with only the use of black Ink.

    “Carlos Eduardo Doy, a.k.a. SOSEK, is an artist from São Paulo, where he lives and works. He started his artistic path very young through graffiti, lately being in contact also with Graphic Design and Illustration.


    SOSEK says that his strongest influences are the pixação culture, japanese culture and the city of São Paulo, besides the creative atmosphere that comes from the proximity with friends who are also a part of the artistic universe. (more…)


    Published by on 27 de August de 2016 at 13:00

    Daily MTN


    Name: RELFY and SLATE.

    Crew: SOX, HRT, COM, SC, OSB, ESQ

    Location: Vic, Canada

    Active since: 1998

    Favorite surface: I enjoy painting on various types of painted metal. Anything that is smooth is nice. Spray always looks good on rusty freights. Vibrant colors also look nice on raw concrete.

    Personal motivation: Evolving/studying/learning never stops for me, this is motivating. The idea I can keep growing and try new things and branching into different styles and using different color schemes and incorporate more influences from outside graffiti into my work is exciting. I want to surprise myself always to try and out do myself and keep refining my style. (more…)


    Published by on 26 de August de 2016 at 17:39

    Daily MTN

    YouTube Preview Image

    The Latidoamericano street art festival has made it to the streets of Asunción, Paraguay with its 2016 edition. 40 artists from over 10 countries (9 of them are locals) met together in Asuncion’s historic downtown to perform multiple activities.

    On this Facebook page you can find various videos that document what’s been happening at the festival and more information about the city. We’re going to show you a couple of them.

    latidourbano_mtn_ (more…)


    Published by on 26 de August de 2016 at 13:00

    Daily MTN


    For the nostalgic types we’re recommending an interview that tastes like a nice aged wine. The Dutch graffiti writer, Inca, (don’t confuse him with the Spanish Inca) has credentials that go way back to the year 1988. His long winded trajectory is apparent when you see his exquisite current style, his impeccable digital sketches, and some older pieces that are also featured in a light-hearted article by Spraybeast.

    inca_spraybeast_mtn_6 (more…)


    Published by on 25 de August de 2016 at 17:19

    Daily MTN


    Scien and Klor came back to paint the characteristic “L” shaped mural at the Under Pressure festival in Montreal. Its been more or less a year since the last edition and during this years festival we get to see the 123Klan teaming up with Mark Esprit aka Spot and Zek156, all heavy names within Canadian graffiti. We also brought you a selection photos taken from the Instagram accounts of each participant of the events mural.

    123klan_zek156_spot_under_pressure_2016_mtn_ (more…)


    Published by on 25 de August de 2016 at 13:00

    Daily MTN

    WUZONE has been with the Montana Shop Sevilla crew customizing a Munny with some materials from the MTN Water Based range. This is the process video in which we can see the Seville artist’s masterful technique synched to the music of Alphone Industrias 94.


    Born in the city of Sol, WUZONE became aware of the art toy practice through graffiti art. You could say it was love at first sight and as of today, he’s customized over 400 collector pieces and is one of the most renowned international artists in the field. 

    Visit his online shop right here: