T.N.T by Montana Colors

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  • T.N.T. by Montana Colors | Hypebeast says:

    20 de December de 2011

    [...] In promotion of their latest set of extra large spray cans, Montana Colors has rolled out an inventive add that builds upon the idea that the instruments of paint delivery very much mimic the size and shape of sticks of T.N.T. Not just a conceptual suggestion, the Spanish company goes one step further in their assertions by proclaiming that art should be a medium that can change people more than war mongering ever could. For more information, visit MTN-World.com. [...]

  • T.N.T by Montana Colors | Mid-City Arts says:

    21 de December de 2011

    [...] MTN-World Tweet This [...]

  • T.N.T. by Montana Colors « Curated Hue says:

    29 de December de 2011

    [...] to be as impacting as high-powered explosives in being able to change the world forever. Check out Montana Colors to further explore the artistic [...]

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