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The characteristics of the MTN Mega Plata (with up to 25 cm width, perfect cover and super fast drying) make it the best choice for making larger scale pieces which requires a faster type of performance. Basque writer Exit has taken these facts into consideration and made this production which can be seen in this following video: A top to bottom on a Italian train. Enjoy!

mtn_mega_colors_exit_ mtn_mega_colors_exit_2


  • Exit vs. Trenitalia | PetrograffPetrograff says:

    9 de June de 2014

    […] источник […]

  • EXIT X MTN MEGA PLATA Rats&Thugs says:

    10 de June de 2014

    […] Las características del MTN Mega Plata (trazo de hasta 25 cm de grosor, potente cubrición, secado ultra-rápido) hacen de este spray el mejor aliado para realizar piezas de gran tamaño o que requieran una velocidad elevada en su elaboración. El escritor vasco Exit se ha hecho valer de estas propiedades para llevar a cabo la acción reproducida en el siguiente vídeo que ha llegado a nuestras manos: un ‘wholecar’ sobre un tren italiano. Disfrutadlo. [MTN-WORLD] […]

  • EXIT ‘VERSUS’ POISON GREEN | Daily graffiti news | Spraydaily.com says:

    28 de June de 2014

    […] Exit, who recently could be seen in a video where he made a piece with the MTN Mega Plata, is now about to confront our ‘Poison Green’ (Verde Veneno) of the Hardcore 2 range. A beautiful color brought along for some action inside one of the garages of the Eusko Train. Tension and tranquility are mixed together in this latest episode of Versus which ends with Exit fantastic creation rolling around in traffic. […]

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