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    Name: Pesa

    Crew: ADM / DKP

    Location: Paris, France

    Active since: 1997

    Favorite surface: All surface

    Personal motivation: I don’t know, just for chilling with my friends and make a good piece. (more…)


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    Daily MTN


    With the Soundwave festival as an excuse, our Croatian distributors took it on themselves to create a series of events held in the city of Tisno together with a large number of artists. A great selection of international artists of outstanding quality such as Tizer, Sebas Velasco, Fat Heat and Egs came to leave some of their fine productions behind them.

    soundwave_croatia_graffiti_ (more…)

  • ‘VULICA BRASIL’ 2017

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    The surprising connection between Belarus and Brazil is back for more during the event Vulica Brazil, and this years edition has been held during the last month. Artists from Latin Americas biggest country has together with artists from Belarus come to decorate the Oktyabrskaya street with enormous mural art works to bless the senses of the by passers.



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    Daily MTN


    Egs went to prison, but fortunately it wasn’t to serve a sentence. The Finnish artist and writer has applied his technique to three murals for the Vantaa prison. This project commissioned by the State Commission for Art of Finland has taken the art of the most charismatic Helsinki writer to “the other side of the wall”.

    egs_vantaa_prison_mtn_4 (more…)


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    Once again, Montana Colors and Montana Shop Madrid will be present at the Youth Culture Festival of Madrid, FES-TEEN.

    We encourage you to participate in our MTN Pop-Up Studio Competition that will take place on the days of October 1st and 2nd in the Matadero Madrid space.

    We will be recreating an outdoor collective art space where 20 young talents between the ages of 12 and 24 years old (10 on Saturday and 10 on Sunday) will have to produce an artwork on canvas that will later be exhibited in the festival. From these exhibited works, three prizes will be awarded.

    festeen_2016_contest_mtn_ (more…)


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    On the occasion of La Mercè Festival in Barcelona, an event has been scheduled that will mark a before and after in terms of graffiti and street art impact on the city.

    The BCN Transit Walls project will be intervening on the wall at Passeig de Circumval·lació; the never-ending wall that surrounds the Barcelona Zoo at the edge of the Estació de França train tracks.
    Formerly used as a “hall of fame”, the surface has remained buffed since the Civil Ordinance of 2006 was enforced.


    More than 20 artists will be recuperating the 200 linear meters on the entire street by dividing the wall into five large 50 meter spaces, with each space being curated by an entity from the city dedicated to projects related to urban art.

    On Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th, any passerby will be able to witness this unprecedented creative explosion at street level.