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    Painting freight trains is a typical form of graffiti on the North American scene. Originating on the West Coast, it seems to have spread all the way to Mexico across the tracks on which these heavy metal monsters circulate.

    In the last four years, Afeks has been especially inclined to paying attention to this format, and it’s been sufficient enough time for the label “train writer” to be tacked onto his already established reputation on the Mexican scene. The spark that ignited the wick and caused him to dive into this terrain was the book, “Freight Train”, a publication of pieces by the freight classics such as King157, Jase, Jaber, Ichabod and Jarus; all writers who Afeks had seen running on the railroads.


    “Getting that adrenaline rush from being between the train lines and trying to be careful of everything that surrounds you is a sensation that you don’t experience in front of a wall.” (more…)


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    This fall will be accompanied by a tight schedule as far urban art festivals in Barcelona is concerned.

    On Thursday, October 27th, the Open Walls Conference will inaugurate its fourth edition that will last until the 30th of October. Sheone, Roc Blackblock, Fasim, Dumar NovYork, Muretz and Syrup are the artists who this year, will give a facelift to various walls at Nau Bostik. Prior to the festival, Sixe completed the largest mural to ever be painted in Barcelona.

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    “My name is Koz Dos, from Caracas, Venezuela; where there are the best beaches and unreal things happen. And in the middle of all the chaos and craziness, you can also find beauty”.

    Koz Dos starting painting in his neighbourhood in the year 2004, motivated by the spontaneity, risk, and freedom that graffiti had to offer; “knowing how your day will start yet being unsure of how it will end”. But these interests gradually succumbed to the need to create something new.


    According to his words, the best form of creation is in mixing. That’s why his paintings are a mixture  of different elements that establish a dialogue with one another depending on the final result. The evolution of his own graffiti, which began with throw-ups and tags, evolved on to colors, volume, and geometry, until it reached the characters that define his current work in which we can now appreciate his stylistic journey.

    Man has been invading and destroying nature since our origins.(more…)


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    The photographer Rodrigo Mirando has become a classic in the Montana Colors ads aimed at underground graffiti magazines. So, now it’s time to take a closer look at who this guy really is. He himself tells us the stories that are hiding behind three photographs taken for Montana Colors ads. By the way, don’t forget his Instagram.

     “I don’t think there is any art form that can represent reality like photography can. Capturing a moment from reality that you can only see through a photo camera.

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    Jeosm, One of our preferred photographers snuck into Zeta’s studio to grab a few hands on flicks. The veteran Madrid writer and artist squeezes the potential out of the different MTN Water Based products and gives us his verdict on the Montana Colors product range that’s more driven towards studio work. Of course, he also shares a little about the new direction his work has taken with us and gives a great piece of advice for all of those with creative restlessness. Thanks Zeta!

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    Subterráneos” is an editorial project by the Valencia photographer, Enrique Escandell. The purpose of the project is to document European metro graffiti writers. “A portrait of the common process around which an underground society orbits, where identity is constructed through what is written on train cars, and the final piece is an excuse for living within in a kind of video game”.

    The Club Habana 7 Cultura Abierta is the place where tomorrow, June 15th at 19:30, the book will be presented. Aside from the installations about the book’s content, two special guests, Jaume Gómez and the experienced Madrid writer, Lose, will engage in a conversation about the subterranean graffiti scene.


    We took this opportunity to ask Enrique Escandell a few questions about “Subterráneos”, to find out what we can expect before we unlock the gate. (more…)