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    Tales From The Underground


    The section dedicated to give the basic information of some writers and a bunch of pieces also has its own top5. (more…)


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    We are back with another edition of “Tales From The Underground“, and this time we cross the waters to check out a veteran from the Hawaiian graffiti scene: Katch1 from Oahu. This true fan of the traditional freight trains recalls on a story from a quite complicated police chase through this quite unexpected ending… Don’t miss this!

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    Not long ago Kapi posted a recently taken photo on his Instagram of a mural he made with Dare back in 2004.
    After 9 years the pieces was still intact, showing us that the concept that we always speak of in melancholy, the ‘respect’, is something that still haven’t faded away.
    The presence of these pieces, which we can qualify as historical, has made Kapi reminisce one of the actions he made with Dare in those days. A true homage to this honorable king of wildstyle.
    Dare TWS, Rest in peace…



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    Presentation and a resume of your graff life for those who mysteriously don’t know you:

    For those who don’t know, my given name is Blue, Mr. Blue, to some and in the graff world, DERO. I was born in Manhattan. In the early part of my career, Manhattan, was my stomping grounds, but I resided in the Bronx and started writing graffiti locally around 1980. I am the proud father of four children and have been in the graffiti game for over thirty years.

    From the beginning of 1985 until 1988, I believe, there cannot be much of a dispute that I had more pieces on the #2 and #5 subway lines than any one else during that time period. From 1988 until 1996, an ugliness began to transpire, due to the incredible amount of beefs and money which had now entered the graffiti world. The scene was no longer the same. Therefore, I quit writing and did not return until 2012 , due to popular demand… LOL… which is outlined below.  I am a member of TFA, TFP, TC5, TBI, FC, TOA, MBT, TCS and am an affiliate of several other crews which I do not put up due to their already established superstar status.

    How did you get into graffiti?

    Before I get started, I would like to say thank Montana for their interest in me and the resulting interview. My beginnings into graffiti are not very simple.  When I first took notice of graffiti, I was hanging out in Harlem with my cousin, Al and was overtaken by an old Mitch77 train. Al then told me that he went to school with a very famous graffiti artist and that his sister, my cousin, Gina, also went out with a graffiti artist. At this time, my interests were really peaked. Soon thereafter, I met my cousin Gina’s boyfriend, Jimmy, a super cool cat who wrote Hast. He was a member of TBI and was a close friend of UA2 and the legendary Baby168 TVS. Jimmy then started showing me and my cousin, Al, drawings on paper from UA2 and we were mesmerized. Shortly thereafter, my cousin Al somehow obtained a black book from the legendary Dez TFA. From that point on, I knew this was all I wanted to do.



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    My name is Jayson aka Terror 161 aka Tarantula 2351. I was a graffiti writer from 1973 until 1984 in New york city, and did my last train in 1988. I travelled to a lot of different countries, I’m over 50 years and I still love it.  I think there might be something wrong with me, since nowadays I have a family.