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    Inauguration on Thursday, February 9th at 8pm.
    Exhibition runs February 10th until March 25th 2017.

    We live in an era in which information has an ever growing presence and influence, and each person makes their decisions based on certain characteristics.
    Everything has an inherent value that attracts the specific nature of those who want to look at it. It’s like an investigation whose purpose is centered on the unity and relationship between the real and the imaginary, the new and the old, the avant-garde and the traditional, and graffiti and classic painting. Through this encounter, everything acquires a new meaning in the world of painting; one that is different from what it would be if it was situated in the real world. It is an investigation about the specific characteristics and states of people or goods.

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    The right type of tools in the right hands can bring great results. This is the case of MADMAXXX in the hands of Iser and the camera held by Landry. What better than Barcelona’s most talked about handstyle experimenting with a devastating beveled beam of black paint? The streets of central Barcelona is the crime scene of the TDC, VTS and GI member when he goes bigger than ever. A short, but just as nice clip, where “the duke of Raval” managed to capture the essence of his clandestine character.



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    We where asking ourselves who would be fit to close up the Genesis project, and now we can present Txemy. This Canarian artist lives in Barcelona since many years and his energetic and colorful style will now star the last edition of the event which will round up a full year of interventions at the Metric Market in Barcelona.
    El Descanso” means rest, as in relaxation, and this is the theme which will approach the project with a interactive urban arts installation together with three painted murals, projections and even a expo. There is no doubt about that the ground floor of this restaurant on the Diagonal avenue will be sparkling in color and full of good vibrations… I would not miss it…
    Remember, tomorrow wednesday 1st of February from 19h.



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    If ÚsBarcelona can be described as an “art ritual in public space” it’s because this year it is much more than a street art festival. After having celebrated two editions, the proposal has been extending its roots to a much more broadened artistic perspective. Although muralism is a fundamental component and the foundation for the project, it’s just a fragment of the festival’s stimulating creative selection.

    Basing itself off the appropriation of public space for artistic creation and art as a dynamic and dignifying element in the urban sphere, Ús has consolidated itself as a vanguard platform for presenting new formats, trends, and artistic proposals at street level. It’s tough to summarize all that transpired in this past edition with a video and some images but we’re going to make an attempt.

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    The fact that music and graffiti go hand in hand seems to be a common phenomenon, but nevertheless it’s still an exciting one. When creative power from both worlds collide there are no obstacles that they can’t hurdle. That’s what is happening just today in Barcelona.


    Jarreau Vandal (aka Enza), producer, DJ and member of the Soulection project, is a connoisseur of the aerosol arts. In making the most out of his stay in the city, he split a wall together with the virtuous Bloke TDC, despite the drizzly weather. (more…)


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    Just less than a weeks time in Barcelona was enough for Lost.Optics to collaborate on a wall with names as varied as Spogo, Emak, Harry Bones and Zurik. We’ve got the full report here of the peculiar productions he left around the city. His geometric style seems to be getting more and more aesthetically similar to suprematism.

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