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    It is finally time to present the two latest MTN Limited Editions. Cryptik and Vogue are two artists whose styles represents the creative diversity of the United States’ West Coast.


    Cryptik, a Los Angeles based artist, creates works of art that explore the realm of spirituality and consciousness. His signature style of calligraphy, along with his iconic depictions of deities and spiritual leaders, can be seen throughout the world, adorning the urban landscape and galleries alike. The goal of his art is to challenge people to think of other possibilities and to see a different reality; one that encompasses many ideologies, philosophies, and belief systems in order to help us better understand our place in the universe.


    A writer and artist from Oakland, Vogue TDK particularly stands out for his exceptional technique as well as for being one of the leading exponents in the development of aerosol photorealism.That’s not to forget about his dedication to graffiti lettering; Vogue’s style can be found on all types of formats, ranging from large scale mural productions, more aggressive handstyles, freight train pieces, and even on the luxury car brand, Lexus.
    He’s a genuine character with more than 30 years of persistent innovation and letter construction research under his belt, and it all attests to the Bay Area legend he’s become.

    These products are available for USA in SprayPlanet: Cryptik / Vogue. (more…)


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    CEET’s chickens, in essence, attempt to portray the emotions and personalities of human beings. Through his colorful and humorous approach, he criticizes modern society by raising the topic of “followers”; those who are afraid to stand out as individuals and just “chicken-out” in life. When CEET landed in China, he started scribbling images as a rudimentary form of communication. This initial sketching soon evolved into a way of being and he quickly identified the connection between his own life in the densely-populated China to the feeling of being one of the chickens amongst the masses.

    Ed lim_CEET RGB



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    Within the framework of the Rose Beton Festival held in Toulouse, Montana Colors is pleased to present the next Limited Edition with the graffiti writer, Remio.

    It’s not only crews as famous as VLOK, THR, and VTS (the latter for which he is the founder) that attest to the importance of this individual’s graffiti. An active writer since the end of the last millennium, Remio’s thorough, international long-windedness has achieved him a personal stamp of identity by means of unpopular street bombing graffiti. The personification of the letter “R” in his throw-up has become a recognizable icon which has come to influence the styles of many writers all around the world and it’s now about to become a part of the MTN Limited Editions.



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    Ed lim_OKUDA_low

    Today we have the honor to present two releases with one of the most talked about Spanish urban artists: Okuda.

    The Limited Edition release, a collaboration that’s been pending for a while and ended up happening in one of the best times in his career, is accompanied by an audiovisual piece that takes us to places as intimate as his studio. There, Okuda San Miguel speaks about the evolution of his work and the consequential change in its social perception, as well as the importance of materials with his peculiar style, and his relationship with Montana Colors.

    Vietnam Estudio get behind the camera yet again to give us this exclusive experience through their refined point of view.

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    After years of writing graffiti, JACE wanted to reaffirm himself through the creation of the “Gouzou”; a faceless, genderless, ochre colored character, executed with simple, stylistically recognizable line work, that led him to gaining popularity first in his hometown, Reunion Island, and later on the international urban scene. Whether it be hanging off a cliff, leaning on a treasure chest on the beach, tied to a weight on the bottom of the sea, or caught in the spin cycle of a washing machine, Gouzou is always represented in a happy and colorful way.


    Although JACE has exhibited the Gouzous in many corners of the world (in countries and cities including Le Havre, Paris, Budapest, Tunisia, Thailand, Madagascar, Mauritius, Hong Kong, New York…), he is more well known on Reunion Island where even the tourist websites promote his work as an attraction; something that is quite uncommon in the terrain of illegal artwork. After having worked for 23 years on the same character, this wonderful artist and urban regulator still finds a way to delight, surprise, and impress us in the most unexpected places.


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    A well rounded artist with an overflowing energy; Grems is that unstoppable type of artist that always pushes the boundaries until the end. Art and Music, his two main creative tendencies, have developed alongside one another. They tease and force each other to a more energetic production in order to always be creating something unexpected, yet still maintaining his well known and unique style.

    Grems is hugely active, extremely productive, and his unbridled creativity has led to this extraordinary CV: 6 solo albums, 8 releases in collaboration with Klub sandwich, Disiz, Rouges à Lèvre, Olympe, PMPDJ, Foreign Beggars, 15 music videos, multiple art exhibitions spanning the globe including Peking, Perth, Sevilla, Mexico, London, Paris, Marseille etc., many walls covered by his graff including the Southbank Centre in London, Beaubourg/ Museum of Pompidou, (the most prestigious modern art museum in France), collaborations with brands such as Skullcandy, Nike, Swatch, Asics, Converse, Scott, and Sixpack, just to name just a few. Grems has also somehow managed to find time to create Ussle, his own apparel brand.


    Although he graduated from the most academic of French art schools, Les Beaux Arts, Grems has always stepped outside of the box by breaking down the borders between types of artistic expression and music that were not supposed to coexist. As a result he was the first French MC to build bridges between Hip Hop beats, deep house, and broken beats, collaborating with distinguished worldwide producers and musicians such as Simbad, Son of kick, Machinedrum, Opolopo, At Jazz, and Foreign Beggars etc.

    Led by his raw, intuitive ways, Grems is driven by an insatiable desire to reinvent and offers us a different perspective on the world.