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    Daily MTN

    Roid (MSK) inside Alain Dominique Galiza´s studio in Paris.

    As he told us: “the place was crazy… so many treasures!!”

    Thanx for the pictures R.!!


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    Montana Colors had one of its most happiest moments in recent years, a few weeks ago, during the inauguration of our official store in Madrid (capital city of Spain). The company is originally from Barcelona but has always had a deep respect for the city of Madrid as the starting point for the graffiti movement in Spain. The city has always stayed active, never backing down from any fences or obstacles that the authorities may throw up and isn´t ever phased by their constant buffing or any other type of restrictions they may impose.


    Last Thursday was a day to remember. Not only for the grand opening of the shop but as well as for the presence bestowed upon us by our specially invited guest, BLADE, The King of Graffiti. He rightfully earned that nickname in the subway and train depots of New York in the mid-70´s.


    He was already kinda pumped up, we noticed, when he arrived from the airport talking about…¨I was just doing an exhibition in NYC and Eric Clapton came up to me. He said: ´I want this piece´, and I asked: ´Is it for you!?´, and he said: ´no, its for Paul Mc.Carthney.´¨ Just a small example to give you some sort of idea of where this guy´s art extends to. All the way from underground to mainstream, this 53 year old funkstar is still going strong.


    On an equally memorable note, Os Gemeos, Suso33, KR2 (Deno, Buni), Sagüe and Spit (Barcelona) and Mind (Milan, Italy) did a wonderful piece together the day after the inauguration. Ten minutes into he stepped away from the wall, looked from left to right, got closer to us and whispered, ¨I think I´m going to take it a bit easy…¨. Adrenaline is certainly never something you lose when you´re such a unique and brilliant character.



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    Daily MTN

    The 9th Annual Manchester Tattoo Convention 2010 was held at Manchester Central exhibition centre. Over 100 tattoo artists worked the event this year and well over 4000 people from all over the world passed through during the course of the weekend, contributing to a very successful event.

    Two large double sided graffiti walls were painted with MTN 94 by 6 graffiti artists over the two days. Graffiti workshops were also on offer to the general public. Vans trainers were personalised by the professional artists, all of which were auctioned off for charity on the final day.

    Overall the weekend was huge success for all traders and the organizers are already planning the 10th Annual Manchester Tattoo Convention which is due to be held at the same venue again in march 2011.