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    The MAXIMO 750ml format has expanded with the new MADMAXXX, a revolutionary spray paint with an unparalleled broad chisel outline that measures approximately 25 / 30 cm in width (9.8 – 11.8 in.)

    It’s specially designed for filling in large surface areas at unprecedented speeds and is also useful for doing gigantic typographic letters due to its powerful, transversal line.

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    In the cuts of Downtown Los Angeles, Remio puts on display the capabilities of the new MADMAXXX 750ml can. Available in Black and Silver, MADMAXXX is the perfect tool to add to your arsenal.

    Mad Maxxx 750ml can by Montana Colors used by Remio


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    MTN Limited Edition by Saturno box

    Miguel Ángel Sánchez, Saturno “The Creatter”, was born in 1979 in Malgrat de Mar, a small village located one hundred kilometers from Barcelona where he spent his childhood surrounded by VHS tapes, video arcades and movie theaters.

    As a child, on a daily basis he contemplated on the movie theatre facade that was very close to his home. That’s where the posters for the movies that he wasn’t allowed to see because of his young age were posted. This circumstance, coupled with the mystique of cinema, caused his imagination to drag him on a one way trip with no return to that movie theatre’s lobby. Once inside, he heard the murmur of those “forbidden” films and was surrounded by film posters and lobby cards. It was just in that moment when he discovered his fascination for fantastic cinema, terror and sci-fi; the nourishment and source of inspiration that caused his need for drawing.

    Available for USA in SprayPlanet.

    Special edition can designed by Saturno, front and back picture.


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    Liquid renews its look and format and its color range has expanded, upholding its reputation as a top quality metallic paint. And above, with a little help from Leon Ka, we present a video that demonstrates the paint’s characteristics from an aesthetically mystical point of view.

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    Peel it if you can!
    The customizable WTF stickers are extra resistant due two factors:

    • The material with which they are manufactured which breaks into pieces, making it impossible to peel them off in one piece.
    • For their adhesiveness, which gets more permanent over time until it practically fuses into the surface on which it is stuck.

    WTF stickers are permanent, customizable and perfect for exterior use due to their strong adherence and water resistance.These types of stickers are highly regarded amongst travelling graffiti writers since they allow you to leave your style behind wherever you go.

    WTF Permanent Stickers are served in boxes of 50 units and come equipped with a black, permanent mini marker.
    Sizes: 60x100mm (2.3×3.9in).
    To suit all tastes, the WTF stickers are available in three different designs:




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    The fluorescent colors are the most striking ones from the 94 range and they are a risky option in graffiti just as much as they are for conventional decoration. But as the saying goes, “He who doesn’t risk never gets to drink champagne.” So, we decided to take a risk with a different type of video to revive the energy of these colors that also react to black light.