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    Snoe, the British stylemaster, is the next one to show and explain his Three Aces…

    “These are a selection of my favorite pieces of recent times. I had to choose between these and several other pieces I think are important in my portfolio, but these sit really well together and celebrate working with my friend and one of my great collaborators and partners: BRK192 from my crew The Rolling People. A really important person in my career.


    • The first piece, Beyond The Void, was painted in the Old Shoreditch Tube station in East London just before Christmas  2011 and was the first time BRK and I had really got down and painted a full-colour 2 man production on a large wall. This is one good reason why I like this wall: it was the first of many amazing days of painting big walls with BRK and painting burners that hit levels I had not achieved before.
      The piece itself has great letters (more…)

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    What is the difference between a graffiti artist and a graffiti writer? Not much maybe, but one of the things which might state a contrast between the two is that the artist takes it a step further, this way enabling interest of people from outside of the graffiti world. People with no previous knowledge or interest of the field from before.
    Neequaye Dreph fits in perfectly to this profile, and, even if us at MTN-World have published articles showing proof of his versatility earlier he still never stops surprising us. This time we get to see it through a composition titled “Game of Thrones”, based on, and inspired by the TV show. A perfect way to represent the London based graffiti art collective Graffiti Kings. Both the long career and the constant activity of this British writer reminds us of the fact that the title “king” lasts a lifetime.

    Dreph painting a dragon of "Game of Thrones"


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    Calligraphy and luminous effects. These are the two pillars which supports the surprising styles of graffiti presented by Voyder. Despite that it doesn’t present any stylistic revolution in the lettering in itself, every piece still has a innovative idea executed through his advanced technique.

    voyder_instagram_suggestion_mtn_1 (more…)


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    Today we’re going to go deep into the background of Montana Shop Nottingham, with a brief review of its history and some other aspects that you surely already know about.

    The beginning of this story dates back to 1995, and like all great stories, it starts with a trip.
    It was a trip during which Dilk contacted with Kapi, Moockie, and their Barcelona crew. It was the first time that Dilk had used our paint, and being that he was used to English brands, he decided to take a suitcase full of cans back home with him.

    montana_shop_nottingham_mtn_7 (more…)


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    Perhaps Pref’s work rings a bell for its impeccable and complex technique, combined with different words in the same piece, executed in a typographic letter style. Or maybe it rings a bell because he often collaborates with Towns on those bold compositional games of intertwining letters. Whatever the case may be, Spraydaily has selected him as the featured writer for their “Hello My Name Is” section.

    Aside from his favorite paint being MTN 94, Pref addresses other interesting topics which we’ll show you here with a few quotes.

    “In my opinion the graffiti rules and ideas are there to be broken and played with.”

    pref_spraydaily_mtn_2 (more…)


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    It’s always a pleasure to review the evolution of Towns’ impeccable style. So we’re going to take a look at a few of the pieces taken straight from his Instagram account. It’s the perfect time to remind you all about his recent intervention at the Montana Colors‘ factory, recorded by Bernat Escoriuela.

    towns_2016_mtn_8 (more…)