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    The largest mural in Las Vegas isn’t on its own. There isn’t one, but two of them, that were completed by Shepard Fairey and D*Face at the end of January/beginning of February. The two colossal vertical walls of the historic Plaza Hotel have been intercepted by the Life Is Beautiful festival in conjunction with Justkids, who are presenting this documentary video about the titanic company.

    This type of works requires a rather physically exhausting effort but it’s also very gratifying to see a piece of this scale come to light.

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    BIP, or in other words, “Believe in People”, is the name of the artist originally from New Haven, Connecticut and based on the east coast of the USA. Recently he finished his latest wall; an ambitious intervention that was carried out in San Francisco on 816 Mission.

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    The right type of tools in the right hands can bring great results. This is the case of MADMAXXX in the hands of Iser and the camera held by Landry. What better than Barcelona’s most talked about handstyle experimenting with a devastating beveled beam of black paint? The streets of central Barcelona is the crime scene of the TDC, VTS and GI member when he goes bigger than ever. A short, but just as nice clip, where “the duke of Raval” managed to capture the essence of his clandestine character.



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    The Turkish platform, 232 Artworks was summoned for a decoration project at the Akçaova Institute in the Kocaeli province. The idea of improving the visual aspect of these types of buildings’ standard architecture came from the Erasmus+ project with assistance from the Turkish National Agency. The initiative aims to stimulate the students by means of an aesthetic change.

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    Djiguene & Goor means “man and woman” in wolof.
    In collaboration with various cultural institutions within Western Africa, Jinks wanted to pay homage to men and women in a unique way with some long-lasting frescos. To do the deed, he offered a program that consisted of artistic interventions in public space as well as art workshops in the street in order to teach participants about how to use the stencil technique.

    The idea was to do 6 participative murals in Western Africa (Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Benin) during the months of September, October and November of 2016.

    During the project it was important to solicit the residents’ participation through those who had access to artistic practices while teaching the stencil technique. From their design up to their realization, the purpose was to create a dynamic between the codes of the region and their corresponding values.



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    Last week we mentioned Siek27 while we used the word “undervalued” to explain the Malaysian graffiti scene. This was to us the best way to express how little knowledge the outside world has about how fast this scene is growing, and the enormous dedication which is found among the writers in this corner of Asia.
    The reports from different jams we get from there are not just a few, and in this last one we get to see graffiti artists like Rems and Katun, two local names that has developed a level of wildstyle and characters which is not at all any less than any Western graffiti.
    It would be impossible for us to wrap this up without sending our greatest regards to Montana Colors Malaysia & Singapore as well as Montana Shop Kuala Lumpur.