Opening on Thursday the 7th of July 2011 from 7.30 pm. Exhibition from the 8th of July to the 5th of September 2011.

The works of Fefe Talavera are metaphors of the human emotions and subconscious; anger, fear, our dreams, and our desires. Her huge creations of fantastic colors connect with the ‘dark side’, referencing the artist’s cultural roots (Brazil and Mexico) and the primal energy of her work found on streets all over the world.

Interested in underground movements, the artist has an important influence on the typical style of urban art found in San Paulo. Working her art on the streets, Fefe deploys a raw creative energy with touches of Mayan and Aztec tribal influence, combined with collage and typography. The artist can be recognized by the beasts she creates, made from cuttings of letters from posters, and after having put her work on show and participated in events all over the world (Moscow, New York, Seville, Berlin, Basel, Vienna, Amsterdam…), she will now make her way toMontana Gallery Barcelona, with the ‘Heart Breaker’ exhibition which combines installations, drawings in India Ink, and photography, which rotate around the subject of the heart; the ice-cold, hurt, and broken heart which, in the end, represents Love.

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