Shepard Fairey created the Obey Manifesto more than 20 years ago and, since then, the image of the mythical wrestler André the Giant has been spread worldwide, being one of the clearest and most impacting icon of Contemporary Art.

Montana Colors has the honor to present the trilogy of OBEY LIMITED EDITION, each model representing one of the three classical OBEY colors – black, cream and red-.

A new, incredible piece of history in our MTN Limited editions Hall of fame, available in just 500 units per model… hurry up!!

* Wooden box. Artist stamp

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  • Z0m6ie

    How or where can I buy these? I don’t see th em for sale anywhere and theres no link on this page. Help!!!

  • How to order this product?
    I’m from indonesia

  • Contact with your distributor through


  • @Adit. Our distributor in Indonesia is Invasian: thexeme(at)

  • Ricardo

    hay 500 unidades de cada color o en total?

    • 500 de cada color

  • Kyle Maxwell

    I’m with zombie up here. I’m looking for them. But can’t find them. A link by any chance?

    • @Zombie @Kyle Where are you from?

  • David alejandro

    Cuanto cuesta?

  • pepo

    15 pavos

  • pepo

    y pinta genial