Margarito dela Guetto “Movement”
Photo exhibition (digital/Polaroid) and presentation of fanzine.

Saturday 17th of May, doors open at 20h. (the events duration is this day only)

We are back with another presentation at “El Montana” CafeThis time we make  a change of format and present “Movimiento”, a series of photos (Polaroids) and fanzines made by Margarito dela Guetto, who defines himself as “a impassioned fan of instantaneous photography who’s intention is to capture images from the street, the night, and intimate personal moments. My training is based on my experience, and it exactly this condition as a amateur which brings a fun and gracious touch to my photos”.

In his own words, “Moviemiento” (‘Movement’) is a project he has been working on for 6 months. Parts of the show is based on photos which I have taken with my iPhone of trucks I stumbled across in the street. In fact, the origins of the show is based digital photos, but thanks to the new machine Instantlab in the store “Impossible Project” in Barcelona, I have been able to transfer all these images to a Polaroid format which gives is a more special touch.”

In terms of the event he says “It will be a expo of 50 photographies which at the same time are part of the fanzine I have printed to the occasion. Both the presentation of the fanzine as well as the expo will be held at Montana Cafe and will only be for sale this very day.”

We also add that one of our resident Djs, Chusbu will be present, as well as the regular collaboration of Moritz and Jägermeister.


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