We return to Naples for a glimpse of what was to be seen during the 2015 edition of Back To The Style. Last year the event offered its visitors four murals of various invited artists, and this year they have amplified the mural section and presented quite much more material than the earlier editions.


The line-up of artists for this years edition, starting out with classics like Zeus40, Opium,  Flying FortressGioso, Pencil, Hurto, Gosh7, Rota or Koso, also presented some newer graffiti celebrities such as Ces, Stae2, Cuba, Pro176, Logan, Mint, Form, Posion, Riam or Yugo. For the moment we can only release pictures of two of the walls they made before the big official mural of the event.

back_to_the_style_2015_druid 12140657_925817284161193_3999286421163645174_n agnano-3-(1) agnano-3-(2) agnano-3-(3) agnano-3-(4) agnano-3-(5) agnano-3-(6) agnano-3-(7) agnano-3-(8) agnano-3-(9) agnano-3-(10) agnano-3-(11)agnano-3-(13) agnano-3-(12) agnano-3-(14) agnano-3-(15) angano-1-(1) angano-1-(2) angano-1-(3) angano-1-(4) angano-1-(5) angano-1-(6) angano-1-(7) angano-1-(8) angano-1-(9) angano-1-(10)

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