From the hands of Isaac Mahow and Mr. Trazo comes these pictures and a documentary (Spanish only) about their latest intervention situated in the San Julián neighbourhood of Teruel. From the kitchen to the wall…


For over a decade the Teruel neighbourhood, San Julián, has been immersed in a neighbourhood socio-cultural struggle to restore the old San José Asylum designed by the modernist architect, Pablo Monguió. Meanwhile, the succession of different governments who are meant to take on the project, pass on the job to their affiliated architects, and their pencil sketches never end up leaving the paper.


ALKUZKUZ is the recipe that Isaac Mahow and Mr. Trazo have cooked up with much love for the city of Teruel, and it’s been spiced up with a few touches of that Moorish, Art Nouveau architecture. It’s a great mural that critically protests a topic closely related to the city and in particular to the San Julián neighbourhood, whose lecture can be extrapolated and interpreted from the most personal scope of any viewer.


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