Born in Barcelona, Mireia Ruiz combines her job as a graphic designer with an instinctive vocation: painting. Her passion for painting has led her to decorating all types of surfaces and objects apart from canvas. Thanks to Contorno Urbano‘s “12+1” project, Edgar Lledó went to her workplace where she explains to us about all the details for her artistic motivation to later on come face to face with the wall at La Torrassa bridge. So in the end, this video piece is more than just a monitoring of her intervention. It’s an intimate portrait of the artist accompanied by what is probably her largest work to date.

 mireia_ruiz_12_1_mtn_ mireia_ruiz_12_1_mtn_4  mireia_ruiz_12_1_mtn_2 mireia_ruiz_12_1_mtn_5 mireia_ruiz_12_1_mtn_3

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