Name: Vents

Crews: Dpk Ols Upc

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Active since: 2008, so still fairly young in the game.

Favourite surface: Unprimed bare concrete walls.

Personal motivation: There is a lot of things that can motivate me but mostly it’s my crew mates and traveling to paint. I’ve got guys like Meds, Peal, Ekto & Ster in England killing it with the aggressive Wild  Styles, Eaks out in Philadelphia doing his thing and not forgetting all the inspiration that Crept left behind.

Regards to All City Dublin.

vents_fire_at_will_mtn_4 vents_fire_at_will_mtn_2 vents_fire_at_will_mtn_3 vents_fire_at_will_mtn_5 vents_fire_at_will_mtn_6 vents_fire_at_will_mtn_7 vents_fire_at_will_mtn_11 vents_fire_at_will_mtn_9 vents_fire_at_will_mtn_12 vents_fire_at_will_mtn_13 vents_fire_at_will_mtn_14 vents_fire_at_will_mtn_15 vents_fire_at_will_mtn_ vents_fire_at_will_mtn_1

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