If you thought that the three murals we showed you from Back to the Style 2016 was all that was painted during the meet, you were very mistaken. These are the other two walls from the graffiti overdose that characterizes the event held in Naples.

back_to_the_style_2016_3_mtn_china back_to_the_style_2016_3_mtn_action0 back_to_the_style_2016_3_mtn_eroine back_to_the_style_2016_3_mtn_action2 back_to_the_style_2016_3_mtn_jurne back_to_the_style_2016_3_mtn_action4 back_to_the_style_2016_3_mtn_bone back_to_the_style_2016_3_mtn_suze back_to_the_style_2016_3_mtn_aple back_to_the_style_2016_3_mtn_action1 back_to_the_style_2016_3_mtn_finalback_to_the_style_2016_4_mtn_gosh back_to_the_style_2016_4_mtn_chin back_to_the_style_2016_4_mtn_jeso1 back_to_the_style_2016_4_mtn_final

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