Last Friday, January 6th, the artist A. Alcalde inaugurated his first exhibition in Switzerland in an undefined space. Collage and photography are the main mediums with which he seeks to reflect the powerful emotion caused by graffiti on trains and metros.


Outlines and photographs are mixed together like broken glass with a considerable personal aesthetic. The works presented are based on actions that took place in different countries such as USA, Japan, Canada, Germany, Italy and Thailand, and serve as an introduction to the upcoming book by this peculiar artist.
The event was surrounded by mystery and secrecy, both because of Alcalde’s disposition and for the punishable acts that are reflected in some of the works.

A_alcalde_exhibition_in_switzerland_0 A_alcalde_exhibition_in_switzerland_6 A_alcalde_exhibition_in_switzerland_ A_alcalde_exhibition_in_switzerland_1 A_alcalde_exhibition_in_switzerland_2 A_alcalde_exhibition_in_switzerland_7 A_alcalde_exhibition_in_switzerland_5

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