On Friday, February 3rd, El Montana Cafè Restaurant will be hosting yet another event that you won’t want to miss.
And what could be better than a title that references the group that’s organizing it; HateloversAisa, Crem, Malicia, Niña, Numi, Pera and Vegan Bunnies make up the diverse collective of graffiti writers whose name responds to a double edged sword that exists within graffiti: love as creation and hate as destruction – beauty and evil in equal parts.


The exhibition will reflect the essence of Hatelovers, its different styles, techniques, and proposals that together, construct an interesting and varied creative offering.

Don’t miss out on the opening party for HATE LOVE. Aside from the video projection produced by the participants, Troya Modet will set the musical rhythm for the night while Moritz i Jägermeister refresh your gullets. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

hate-lovers-wall-proces hate-lovers-sketch hate-lovers-wall-numi hate-lovers-aisa-wall hate-lovers-child hate-love-walls hate-lovers-crem hate-lovers-nina hate-love-vegan-bunnies hate-love-aisa hate-lovers

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