Inauguration on Thursday, February 9th at 8pm.
Exhibition runs February 10th until March 25th 2017.

We live in an era in which information has an ever growing presence and influence, and each person makes their decisions based on certain characteristics.
Everything has an inherent value that attracts the specific nature of those who want to look at it. It’s like an investigation whose purpose is centered on the unity and relationship between the real and the imaginary, the new and the old, the avant-garde and the traditional, and graffiti and classic painting. Through this encounter, everything acquires a new meaning in the world of painting; one that is different from what it would be if it was situated in the real world. It is an investigation about the specific characteristics and states of people or goods.


  • KOSTIS DAMOULAKIS-JAMER (1986): Studied at the Tesalónica School of Fine Arts. The influence from his experience in graffiti and tattooing forged him a style of his own. He searches for a “pure” form in painting through references from the different artistic movements, while retracting characteristic symbols from various cultures and ages.
  • STAMATIS LASKOS – SIVE (1985): Painter, illustrator (currently for The New Yorker in NY), and street artist also known as “Sive One”, creates deformed portraits of individuals on foot, through highly stylized, vivid representations that are brimming with detail, depth, dimension, and a wonderful reinvention of the human anatomy. By involving the codes and aesthetics from street art into his work, he progressed from a caricature universe to more symbolic productions.

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