We have good news for those who did not have the opportunity to come to the premier of the movie “Star“…
The 3rd of April this feature film made by Marc Aurèle Vecchione will be released in VOD (Video on demand), this way becoming fully public for anyone to enjoy.

“Star” narrates a fictional story (filmed through real live actions) of a young active writer in Paris, France. His reputation has gained an equal amount of interest both in the art galleries as well as in the police files. Accused of vandalism, he now faces a considerable prison sentence. Despite the dangers Star travels to Rome together with his crew to find answers to the meaning of his art form.

The producers Resistancefilms has also published some videos about the premiers from every city visited. The crew behind Star shows us how close up and related reality and fiction can come to each other sometimes.
You can follow all the news about the film through the Facebook page and Instagram of the film.

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