Skil is one of the names utilized by one of Stockholm’s most talented writers. In the beginning of this year he agreed to participate in the Three Aces section and has sent us his three best “Skil” pieces. Pay close attention to the words because they sum up his interesting idea about graffiti quite well.

  • “This is the last piece I painted and the first one after many months of not painting. Sometimes it’s hard to get the feeling right again when you haven’t painted for a while. The flow sometimes gets lost, but this one came out great anyhow. I like to paint chrome pieces with black outlines because it gives great contrast. This one was just a freestyle without any sketch at all. I like that!”

  • “This wall is a so called semi-legal spot (if there is any) in Stockholm. I like this piece because it feels like some heavy metal logo type thing and I like energy in the piece even if the colors are kind of cold. It started to rain quite heavily in the middle of the session so the outlines were a little bit drippy.”

  • “Some friends from Sweden, Denmark and Norway and I were invited to St. Petersburg, Russia to paint in 2010. This trip was awesome in so many ways! Great hosts, good friends, and some cold October days in Russia with lots of paint. Sometimes you really need to meet new people and see new places to get fired up again!”

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