Leon and Defo are a very interesting writer couple from Madrid. Behind these extremely fresh letters of a classic nature are two characters with bold personalities and very defined attitudes. Thanks to an interview on the Rockhastalas6 blog we are able to discover a little about the background on some pieces that never have a background.

“I’ve always liked to destroy the streets, ever since the beginning, although like everything else it goes in phases.”

“We are very conscious of the context, that’s to say, the street is: hard, nasty and has a touch of excitement for those who live it…”

“We have many references: comics like Angel, Peter Pank, Clara de noche, Robert Crumb… animations for adults like Adult Swim. Manga, anime, pornography, designers, illustrators, painters, cinema, music… in short, all of our tastes.”

“(Internet) It’s the law of life, it just depends on the quality of people and their real concern for knowing the truth so that this doesn’t go beyond our control.”

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