The website called “El Rincón de las Boquillas” continues with their task to periodically publish their line of interviews with different graffiti artists from around the world. Certainly their reports comes from many and very different places of the planet, and thanks to this we can discover new names on the scene at the same time as we get to hear the testimonies of artists we are already familiar with. To get closer to the mentioned works you can find a selection of some of the interviews we found most intriguing right here…

The reason to choose this TAG, is to hope that both in their lives or works, all retain a sharp edge, do not agree, do not live. The beauty of the rose is also long in the thorns, the Bible also has a phrase “Road in the thorns”.

Thorn, Shannxi China

I don’t know if I have a message to say, but for me the beauty of graffiti is that those who get it, get it. it’s a tag, a throwie or a piece. I think your saying to the viewer…”you might not know who I am, but now you know my style”.

Rebus, Brighton, England

The graff scene in Brunei is now getting accepted by the public and getting improving definitely going up than before and hope to see bruneian writers rising to the same level as international graffiti writers.

NerdikBandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

For me Alicante has always been strong if you are speaking of graffiti, besides, nowadays, there is a lot of people from Alicante painting in all Spain, in general I am proud of the level of my city.

Dust, Alicante, Spain

The motivation when you are 13 years old is only to see your name everywhere. I think it’s a much more social activity that has little to do with art, except in what refers to the style of your letters obviously. (…) I’ve always considered your tag as your name on street, and the acronym of your group as the family name. A name and a family that you have chosen and that no one has imposed on you. (…) I did not live graffiti as a hobby on Sundays, I lived it as an authentic adventure with my “street family” as something that was part of my life day to day.

Dan Ferrer, Madrid, Spain

Nothing specific. I like when people smile looking at my pieces, but my graffiti don’t have a real message. I do them for myself.

La Franz, Rome, Italy

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