Sean Yoro aka Hula is a Hawaiian artist who burst onto the street art scene with his interventions painted at sea level. Originally a surfer, in the later years of adolescence he discovered his passion for graffiti and tattooing. This creative aesthetic potential led him to moving to New York in order to pursue an artistic career under the pseudonym, Hula.

The hope to fill empty spaces with life, something that is somewhat common with a lot of mural artists, becomes unique in his work, given the way in which he utilizes water in his compositions; a crucial element in many of his artworks.

The fact that the aquatic environment is so important in his personality both because of his past surfing experience and his isolated origin, add to the message of ecological awareness to which his works adhere. These semi-submerged portraits quickly make you think about the movement of the sea, and consequently, of global warming and its consequences. This message becomes heart-wrenchingly evident in the interventions he does on Arctic ice; a risky artistic adventure due to the unpredictable natural hazards that’s resumed in a brief documentary by The North Face.

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