Text by Albert Pons.

The arrival of the sun and good weather in the Mediterranean region is closely connected to the citizens’ invasion of the streets. The beaches, terraces and bars all fill up. Any chance to breathe in some fresh air at this time of year is a good excuse to go outside, and the Pixavi festival that took place once again this year in Gandia, a costal town south of Valencia, gave people just that very excuse.

This year in its seventh edition, coinciding with the onslaught of the summer heat, the festival yet again gathered together many prominent names from the local scene. Amongst them were Miedo12, the Wild Cans, and a few others who came from a bit further away like Emak, Musa and Harry Bones, to name a few.

The cherry on the top of the festival was the classic barbecue, or “torrá” in the local dialect, as well as a kids workshop for the young ones. All of this was sponsored by our distributor Pinturas Monduber and Montana Colors.

Pictures by Agustina Moreno Pasini and Arte Urbano, Graffiti y Wall Painting.

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