Théodore Berg Boy and Aymeric Colletta present “Passage“, a touching short film that speaks of the emotional contact that’s established between completely different people, with completely different personalities, thanks to the artistic dialogue that the universal language of creativity provides.

Despite the fact that they share the same solitary, melancholic character and artistic sensibilities, a young street artist and the owner of a gallery live in the same building yet do not know one another. But destiny would unite these two people at a crossroad between the two universes to which they pertain.

Manola Mesa and Renk are the artists who appear in the film alongside the actress, Nil Lilamand Sadar. The photo direction was taken care of by Simon Filliot and Cesar Diaz handled the editing. Eric Prados composed the music which was played on piano by Agnés Olier with beatboxing by Andro.

If you’d like to investigate a little more about this film, do not hesitate to browse the “Passage” Facebook page where, apart from the images from the film, they will be including some making-of content for viewing as well.

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  • Rodrigo

    se mira interesante!! excelente!

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