We’ve come across a video that is always worth sharing, despite the fact that it’s a year old. This short documentary features the artwork completed by Aryz in 2016, in the city of Chongqing in the south east of China. It might possibly be one of the most unique works made by the Catalan artist due to its location, meaning and the harmonious, serene color combinations that he utilized, among other aspects.

“During 8 days I’ve been looking at the same wall and have seen the people who go down this same street.”

The Cardedeu artist explains the hidden symbolism behind the composition and peculiarities of this artwork that were part of a project dedicated to decorating some of the country’s primary schools.

“The idea was to give importance to childrens’ formation and its different steps.”

“I had problems with the government, problems with the police, problems with the weather, I ran out of gas…”

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