MTN Hardcore is one of the most unique spray paints on the market and not just because of its technical features. Aside from its excellent balance between price and paint quality, the technical developments and color selection, its design is easily recognizable to the eye… and to the touch!

The embossed Hardcore logo on the surfaces is a design peculiarity that functions as an homage to the history of this product; the first 400ml spray can designed specifically for graffiti writers. This purely aesthetic element was designed to give the new version of Hardcore a more innovative design, without incurring extra expenses in the manufacture of the can.

Not everyone knows about the origin of the name “Hardcore”. Without digging into meanings related to a style of music or pornography, it was an exclamation said by Kapi upon witnessing he powerful performance of the first 400ml can of Montana Colors with a Pink Fat. “So hardcore!”, he exclaimed after seeing the thickness of the line that was too think for the stylistic demands of the time. Moockie then took care of the graphic identity with a simple marker design, giving shape to the most emblematic graffiti aerosol logo of the millennium.

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