Sheism from Madrid is one of the members of the legendary crews QSC y SG. It is now his turn to show us what he thinks is his three best pieces, all explained briefly in his own words.

  • “My last visit to New York was back in 2012. I painted this rooftop together with Sen2, my brother from another mother. What is special about this particular piece is that it took me various days to finish it due to its size. During one of the days I was there I met a Latin American music group which where recording a video for MTV. I was painting side by side with them while having metro wagons rolling by next to us. A great experience from the cradle of graffiti.”

  • “Last year we created a new crew called Wild Style Boys, a crew consisting of Posk, Noke and Over, and a crew where wildstyle and New York roots is dominant.”

  • “Around 2005 there was too much tendencies created by writers who where in fashion at the time. I was quite tired of seeing trends and fashions in graffiti back then, and most of them copied and bited from left to right, so I started writing Real. The name had nothing to do with realness or being a “king”, it more related to the idea of respecting the origins of graffiti and its roots. This train was running in traffic in 2007.”

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