One could say that, of all the comments we receive in relation to our daily updates on Instagram, that some are worthy of a reward. Sometimes it’s because of the originality, other times because they mention a peculiar piece of information, and sometimes it’s just because they put a smile on our face. So, we’ve decided to highlight the top three comments of the month.

The first one is from an image recalling Os Gemeos‘ intervention on an airplane for the Brazilian national team.

“Guess that’s what they really mean by a heaven spot.” @mr.deluna

In the video about the wall by Gris One in Barcelona we were also reminded about the times when graffiti laws in the city were quite a lot tougher.

“I got arrested at that wall some years ago.@poster.graffitischmierer

It may be a bit obscene, but this graphic description about a detail in the latest piece by Rime caused us to laugh out loud.

That cheeky green bit lightly tingled my scrotum.@fourlettercword

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