During the month of July, the Mix City 08 festival was held in the French town of Villeurbanne in collaboration with Montana Colors. It consisted of a series of events designed to promote graffiti through a meeting that rounded up different artists and professionals from the field. A huge wall became a space where artists could show off their talent to the spectators within a musical context full of positive vibrations. In an effort to promote teamwork, an additional mural was provided so that beginner event goers and experts could paint together.

The biggest attraction of the year was the arrival of the Japanese crew, Urban Force, represented by the writer Onezker and Dj Iku who came straight from Tokyo.
And like each year, in addition to the officially invited guests (69ML, Dandy Mamie, el Gilet, Dr Chips, Toner, Becr, etc…), a large percentage of the walls were open to everyone, allowing for close to sixty artists to paint together on all of the walls available for the event.

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