We don’t know much about Central America in terms of graffiti. What we do know about these countries is dictated by documentaries, and sometimes they aren’t very nice.
But everything isn’t as so.
Since 2011 there is a graffiti festival which has been gaining fertile ground for street art. It’s called Area503 and each year from El Salvador, it has been growing and affirming itself as an important event in the agendas of many national and international writers.
The festival doesn’t just just acknowledge the artists’ work, it also takes charge of decorating high risk areas on a national level. On top of all this it’s noteworthy to mention another incentive for artists: the prize for best piece is 1000 dollars.

Éfrain Orellana (TNT) is the creator of the project; an initiative that has gone through many phases in order to get to where it is today.
In 2012, it took a qualitative leap and included 30 international artists amongst which there were pariticipants from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.
From 2014 and on, the organizing team expanded and was formed by Orellana, Victor Santana (Skar) and the San Salvador Secretary of Culture.
So, the next date to jot down is at the end of November. Stay tuned.

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