The fact that they are so many talented people in the world is presumed logic. It’s even difficult with the overflow of information on social networks to keep tabs on what’s happening in other parts of the world. For that reason, we’ve zoomed in on a selection of South American artists that have caught our attention, both for their style and message.

Tita Mejía is an artist and graphic designer from Medellin that is charged with black humor, nastiness, and Creole surrealism.
The critical concepts in her drawing causes the main focus to be placed on the message she wants to communicate.
Editorial fashion illustration and muralism are a couple of the fields in which she has been developing work up until now.

Fish, aka Corrosko who is also from Medellin, works with rabidly crude and harsh subjects where he seeks to generate contrasts and awaken contemplations beyond technical skill, through a mix where the popular is united with critical acuity and grotesque reality. His twisted characters represent hypocrisy hidden behind morality and good manners.

HellSaintcat, he defines himself as a graphic designer, illustrator, street artist, genius, millionaire, eccentric, philanthropist, and a playboy, and has been painting the streets of Bogota since 2004.

Under the name Perversa Land, this artist from Bogota works on two parallel projects. On the one hand, smooth contoured murals of vivid colors that flood the streets with cheer, and on the other hand, there is the more combative project: Ven Seremos. By means of slogans of struggle, it intends to be a “response to fear; an independent initiative that attempts to hit the streets with the women and men who face grueling lives…” and to remind these people that they aren’t alone.

From Ecuador, Quito to be specific, Apitatan  has been painting since 2011 and his murals are brimming with quality. As you can see on his website: “his paintings are a reflection of Latin American culture, featuring characters that are outlined with the geometric edges of miscegenation.
With dark stares, incomplete sets of teeth and overflowing laughter, these anti-heroes inhabit a universe of their own and break down the standardized aesthetic of stereotypes with a sense of intergenerational humor and beauty in imperfections.

El Marian has been painting and blowing minds since 2011. His murals are charged with power, and takes inspiration from the urban protest and paints portraits of protesters, picketers and Zapatistas.

Cof is a muralist, illustrator and an Argentine entertainer who has left his mark not only in his country, but also in Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Spain, Germany and Switzerland.

Santana is a graphic designer and artist. He paints hypnotic, colorful, psychedelic murals. In his own words: my work is born in a place where we dare little to explore, a place forbidden by the ruling elites, where our dreams and realities are born, where the essence of life and truth is hidden, a place that for many there is no dream. “El ensueño” is the awakening to the dream induced by the symbols and codes that enslave humanity, el ensueño vibrates in cosmic fractals and stabilize the frequency of our lives. I paint for love of humanity and to see it come out of this dream that we face.

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