Over the past week, the Graffiti Sketches Instagram announced the winners of the “Space Graffiti Sketch” contest. The result given by the judges Ches, Katun and Boogie turned out to be an extended podium of 8 finalists spread over 5 positions. The three winners were awarded with different sets of MTN 94 Graphic Markers.

Up next we’ve included the complete list of winners organized by their classification, but we can’t forget about congratulating the winners as well as the hundreds of writers that participated in this magnificent creative experience. See you at the next contest!

5th Place: @aceunojoint and @igorruzhin

4th Place: @placko and @nekos_one

3d Place: @cripto_one

2nd Place: @asmoeroc and @dejoeryna

1st place: @repas.dmn

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