The artist, Xavier Magaldi,, an oldschool graffiti writer from the 80s (known for his investigation into wild-style and Freestyle), has told us about his stint in China at the Jardin Orange residency. He was invited by the olschool  writer from Toulouse CEET.

Jardín Orange is located north of the city of Shenzhen, in southern China, right in front of Hong Kong. Over a period of just 20 years, this city has transformed into an industrial metropolis of 11 million inhabitants. This is partly due to the fact that it is located in a special economic region; it’s one of the main places in the country where they implement policies that welcome foreign investors.

Jardin Orange was a factory area converted into a residential zone that consists of 20 blocks of two-story apartments. There, families and students live because it’s close to the universities; it’s an island in the city – a modern, alternative, experimental and artistic place with a Western touch, and it has walls done by Ceet, Toast, Jace, Tats Cru to name a few.

Xavier Magaldi jumped from the street to the studio in 2010 where he began to dig deeper into the abstract mechanical side of his style, and continues to develop what he describes as the materialización of time. Through his numerous paintings and sculptures charged with complex, elegant imagery, his work can be characterized by their precise an dynamic nature. Having received a diploma from the clock school of Geneva, his technical and creative experience have led him to reinterpret mechanisms. Always focusing on detail, his clear lines and monochromatic shades offer a particular, special light that quickly transports the viewer to a mechanical-futurist universe.

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