The German writer Tier, a member from the REGS crew, is a virtuous writer on both walls and trains, he and also has three favorite pieces which will be explained up next:

  • The one on the top is one of my favorite pieces because of the wild colors. It still feels smooth and not too heavy. The wall is the only legal one in my hometown in Western Germany where I paint alone most of the time with some fresh sounds in my ears.
    This one was a really intuitive and quick freestyle piece and I probably had a good day, haha.
    It was the first piece where I tried that fat faded final outline which I ended up doing probably the next 20 times because it’s so simple and effective.

  • The second one is from 2017.
    I did it in the summer time on a fucking hot day in Münster (Germany).
    It was a very big session with great artists like Rait, Coconut, my bro Bares, The Topnotch, Demon, Fnak…and many more.
    For me, it’s one of my favorite pieces because it’s not a quick one like most of my paintings, due to the fact that I painted next to my friend Rait from Alme crew. In my opinion, he’s a background and effect master and that’s why I didn’t paint a simple piece like usual and tried to use more technical effects and outer space flavor, haha.

  • The last one is my favorite panel i did in 2017. I had a great time with my crew-brother MASK.
    I like the piece because of the color combination and the funny fact that I did so many bubbles all over it, haha.
    When I paint trains I never have a plan except for the colors and I paint totally intuitively without thinking. I just feel the fast lines and flow.

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