Two weeks ago the AllCity blog posted its last entry, an epilogue that bids farewell and puts an ending to an adventure that lasted 8 years. Over 9000 articles have accredited them with being the most important means of communication dedicated to French graffiti on the internet. To date, the journey has followed a path parallel to that of MTN-World and for that reason we found it appropriate to pay a tribute to them and thank them for their hard work in favor of the dissemination and dignification of graffiti culture during these years.

Their legacy has been taken over by the recently launched website, DRIPS, which adapts to the new needs of users of internet information.

“Graffiti has become a nebula in permanent evolution: traditional or progressive, purist or non-purist, radicalized by adrenaline addicts… but also institutionalized by galleries and public authorities, organized for better or for worse by enthusiasts of all kinds, genetically modified by the technologically adept in all its genres… it’s moving in all directions!

With its good and bad sides, graffiti in the broad sense of the term has never been so versatile, and during all these years we’ve tried to inform about its evolution the best we could, while being as faithful as possible to reality, whether we liked it or not.

With this machine going at full throttle, you could say that the writers of today have many options. For better of for worse, brands and points of sale are more abundant than ever. However, for the most demanding, Montana Colors continues to be the preferred option. Since the “invention” of spray paint designed specifically for graffiti in 1994, to the current paint techniques which are most respectful to the environment, MTN continues to be a referential brand, and by extension, AllCity is household name in France.”

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