Last Thursday, while GR170 hosted a large part of the Barcelona province’s alternative culture sector in his artistic lap, another event within a diametrically opposed context took place in the city of Barcelona.

The artist Lily Brik held an artistic exhibition in the middle of Passeig de Gràcia for The Shopping Night Barcelona. The event was coordinated by Montana Shop Barcelona and the Lerida-based artist chose a type of illustration linked to culture from the late 60s; a portrait of the young Teresa Gimpera, an actress and model from Igualada who was very popular during that time.

As an anecdotal fact, the winter weather in the streets of the Catalan city seemed to want to collaborate in the act with a peculiar added “performance”. When the intervention was finished, the wind dismantled the cube construction made up the MTN Puzzl6 boxes, scattering the artwork’s fragments across the sidewalk. A romantic ending to a captivating happening. “Graffiti is ephemeral, even more in a windy evening”.

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