Contorno Urbano has rounded up their “12+1” project for 2017 by presenting Pati Baztán. With this intervention of quite a lot more conceptual features than what we are used to see among the interventions at the bridge in La Torrassa, the artist continues her path outside of the established standards of fine arts by presenting a completely instinctive style and concept.

David B. Rock takes us from her subtile experimental rehearsals in her studio to the wall in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat in this last episode of a series of urban interventions with a great social impact. Clara Antón took the photographies that complete the report.

I am interested in the emotion and the astonishment which art can come to create and I dont search for socially accepted beauty and its absolute controlled state, a state which excludes intuition along with the emotions that are created among people in our more animalistic and primal state. This state of not knowing where all we have left is to feel.

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