Littel Rats” is a visual little gem in the form of a short film with precise photography and captivating rhythm that makes the spectator feel apart of, and able to identify with what is happening even if the person is not close to the culture portrayed.
The confessions and philosophy of the Southamerican director is what we come to get familiar with during his travels through Europe through this intimate, poetic and socially unconventional work. A point of view which reflects over the risks and compensations of the lifestyle he has chosen, a portrait which yet has not been explored within the world of graffiti and yet not has been shown to the public which such depth.
In his discourse he offers us a true and real explanation on the reasons behind taking risks, travel around the world and the perspectives of living a unconvetional life.
The narration and the change of pace between third person to  first person perspective, the use of light… everything affects us to participate in the experience of coming along under ground on a tense mission to paint a metro.
It is likely that the most intense moment of the video is at 02:31 minutes, a part where the cameras almost manages to catch one of the writers getting run over.
The last thing to mention to all this might be that the main character of the clip got arrested two weeks after this recording and later got deported to his country. The opening line of the video closes the circle of this tale well: ”the only free cheese is found in mousetraps”.

The video was made by Jesse Heath and Theodor Guelat and the music is from N8NOFACE.


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