Every year since 2014 we have been able to enjoy a review of the pieces which Torontos’ writer Skam has kept sending us. The truth is that we have been missing these simple and elegant works in clean style which is his main trademark.

Also according to custom, the pics comes accompanied with commentary from himself with his experiences from the past year.

Enjoy his 2017 piece by piece.

‘As usual, I painted many walls in Toronto throughout 2017, but my main focus this year was on canvas for my first solo show I had in the spring. The show was a success, and I was honored to be the very first graffiti artist to have a show at Waddington’s, Canada’s auction house since 1850. I stayed pretty local and didn’t travel as much as previous years but I still managed to escape and paint pieces in New York and Montreal. It was also a very busy year for me for corporate work and film industry work. Big thanks to MTN for the paint and support, looking forward to another great year in 2018. @skamoney’

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