Cuatro Caminos, an abandoned layup in the Madrid metro system, was the chosen destination for Urban Xcape to carry out the mysterious art project which we announced just a few days ago.

The success of this proposal was reflected in numbers: more than 8000 people passed through the event despite the rain and cold.

The Iberian street art elite represented by Aryz, KenorMusa71, Pantone, Pichiavo, Rosh333Uriginal, El niño de las pinturas, Spok and Zeta were united in a very special place thanks to the sponsorship of BMW. Different surfaces on the disused building became a diverse canvas featuring an equally disparate range of styles.

Thanks to Jeosm’s sharp photographic vision, we have the privilege to contemplate the result of this unique experience by means of images that are overflowing with color and talent.


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