The 12+1 project by Contorno Urbano has held one of their most extreme interventions through Sue975. This is one of the most controversial artists on the Spanish urban arts scene. The artists expression had developed through different paths around geometric abstraction which has taken the form of a extreme minimalism  that has come to investigate the materials that makes up the urban art and its interaction with the media.

Estudio de luz” (Study of Light), as his name indicates, aims to examine the behavior of light on the wall through the use of fluorescent and chrome paint. When trying to create the most chromatic effect possible, the artist from Madrid chose to work with the industrial line of paint from MTN, together with the potent fluorescent pigment acquired at the legendary shop, Pinturas Sanfer in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. He has also taken the time out to dedicate the piece to the recently passed away artist Treze, a very nice gesture.

Once the work is finished the artist is going to make a photographic follow up to examine the effects projected on it, both from different light and through its surroundings.

Pictures by Clara Antón and video by David B. Rock.

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