At the end of last April a new edition of the GRAUM Festival was held in Granada, where several elements of contemporary urban culture have been gathered: a tattoo convention with space for motorcycle enthusiasts, the Harley motorbikes, skateboarding, BMX, dance, music, … and of course, graffiti.

In this new edition of the festival, our Andalusian distributor Flake Skate Shop has collaborated with Montana Colors in the execution of several murals, made in the festival walls and on our MTN PUZZL6.

Toren and Dante, from Murcia, made a spectacular mural based on their usual graphic line, mixing the purity of geometry with an interesting color gradients by Toren and the presence of pop iconography and air of the typography of the cinema of the 80s by Dante, who chose as protagonist Vincent Vega from the mythical Pulp Fiction.

At the same time and in the interior side of the festival, some artists as Fumomiles or the local collective Safary (@rafagadeaire @chefyuser @mase_fry) were in charge of giving life to the pieces of our MTN PUZZL6, mixing styles that undoubtedly have built beautiful murals inside the enclosure.

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