JMYES is Jesús Moreno, a Madrid artists who’s specialized in creating universes filled with cryptic elements by means of letters which blend influences from different cultures. This past June 4th, his exhibition, “Lenguaje, equilibrio, color, textura” was inaugurated at Hotel Emperador on Gran Vía, Madrid. The show will remain open for public viewing until July 8th.

In taking advantage of this event, a photographic visit from his studio will help you in getting to know his working techniques, and it also serves as a way to attain an image for the MTN Water Based ad in Stuart Magazine. Pictures by @nomesalemoustache.

Aside from all of this, JMYES will be participating in a round table talk amongst artists, professionals and street art community friends in that same hotel. The act will be culminated with a live painting performance by the artist on the Gran Via windows.

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