It has not been a easy edition for the organization behind “O Marisquiño” celebrated in Vigo (Spain). As you might have seen through communication in media there has been an accident due to one of the infrastructures used during the event. And this has damaged the last edition of one of the most important festivals of urban culture and extreme sports in Europe quite a lot.

Despite the unfortunate situation, the video from this year, obviously dedicated to the ones who was hurt in the accident, shows us the potential of O Marisquiño, and that leaves us with three conclusions:
First off the very correct management from the organization when facing this crisis.
Second of all the unconditional help offered from the followers seen in social media.
And third off the way to overcome what it left behind, as we can see, an exciting chapter in history of the festival which now is transformed into working for the next edition to come. According to custom Montana Colors was present in the hands of the ones there to represent the designing part of urban culture.

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